Excavating Abandonment
The weekend before this, Dani and I biked along the Trinity River to scout out more tunnels to explore.  We started on the east end of town and planned to make it back to where we left off on the canoe trip.  Unfortunately, it was growing dark and we were running out of steam before we finished the trip.  We went back on this weekend to fill in the uncharted space.

However, on our way to the river we found a series of abandoned buildings that were worth checking out.  Enjoy!

Busted out windows always cry out to me: "Check me out!"

Here's a view in through the window (or what's left of it). 

It's scary how much this looks like the mess in Dani's bedroom!

All the inhabitants of this place must of split (or were abducted) on a warm day not to have taken their jackets with them.

This little shack was close to the road in front of the building above.

Inside the shack was a huge mess.  I'm actually top of the front door (now replaced by a sheet of plywood).

I was looking at the fact that the ceiling had been scorched.  Curiously, the rest of the place looked fine, almost at though they set out to torch it.  Hmmmm....

In the center of the frame is one of about a dozen wasp nests.  Do not disturb!

The calendar reads June 1994.  This place was apparently abandoned the very year Kurt Cobain killed himself.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Another building off to the side shows much worse first damage.  Kids, don't smoke.

Here's the inside of the place.  Yep, shoddy wiring!

Here's a baby carriage.  On the floor just out of the frame there was also a mattress (or, rather, some ash-covered springs).

This had the lay-out of a residence, so maybe that's what it was.  Who knows?

This warehouse was behind the rest of the buildings.  If I'm looking a bit pensive, it's because Dani and I heard voices coming from the building behind her.

The warehouse was filled with loads of mattresses and assorted bits of other pieces of furniture.  This had to have been a dream find for a homeless person.

Here's some more of the junk in the warehouse.  I know I could make a joke about an organ here, but it's just not worth it.

After this we continued the bike trip and actually found what turned out to be an interesting tunnel.  Check out Jabba's Lair.
Alexplored 8/1/04.

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