Return to the Excavating Place
I hadn't been to this site in a while, and since Ben and Celeste were in town (they stayed over) and I was going to be exploring with Silent Search and Dokk the next day, I figured we would hit the place again and see what, if anything, was different.

Here's the outside of one stretch of buildings in this little complex.

You could see the burn marks outside in the photo above, but obviously there was a fire here from the look of the inside.  Note the papers though.

This closet full of papers survived.  This is why you should steal phonebooks from motel rooms so you'll have something for the fireplace come winter!

Another book, this one about railroad regulations, oddly enough.

Hey, that's me!  Thanks, Dokk.

Remember how these places were full last time?  Well, they were cleared out when we returned.

No more matresses or other junk.  No vagrants either, so I guess it was a trade-off.

Here's a little junk left outside.  I wonder if it belonged to some homeless people who took up living here.

Rusty lightball soup, anyone?

This smaller place used to be just about packed to the rafters as well...

...but a lot of the junk there was gone as well.

View from the front.  Not much left compared to what was here before.  I wonder who it belonged to?  Where did it come from?  Where did it go?

Alexplored 9/4/05.  Some pictures by Dokk.
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