The Endless Tunnels, Part III
Continuing where we left off...

After reaching the park, we doubled back.  Here we are in the "conduit" (I'm still not happy with that word choice) behind the apartment complex.

Pictured is some more evidence of the beaver(s).  On careful inspection there were still more stumps near the opening of the original tunnel that we had failed to notice on our first pass (owing largely to our eyes adjusting to the light, no doubt).

We returned via the opposite tunnel as we arrived from.  In this picture we spotted a hole in the wall through which we could see into the third tunnel (which obviously did not always run parallel).  Curiously, the other, as yet unexplored tunnel was lower than the one we are standing in here, the same as the level after the drop-off we climbed up about a dozen or so pictures back.

Although the hole was probably large enough to climb through, we continued back to the canal so we wouldn't miss anything on the trip back through.

And here we go back into the darkness in search of the answer to "What's down Tunnel Number Three?!"

Interestingly, although we didn't notice it until we came back this way, the gravel on the floor (right of center) was rich in very pure crystalline quartz, of which we loaded our pockets before heading out.  Really pretty stuff!

A few hundred feet in, the once square tunnel turned into this culvert style from here on out.

After driving over this area once we were above-ground again, we determined this tunnel to be near and perhaps sometimes beneath the median of a very wide road (three lanes on either side of the median).   This was evident by the fact that there were smaller side tunnels (18 inch diameter) on either side leading to the curbside gutter drains on the outer edges of the road.

Aside from the afore- mentioned side tunnels, the only other feature to break the bleakness of this part of the tunnel was this and a few other rooms.  Although it isn't clear from this angle, I was about 12 to 15 ft. above the floor.  Similar rooms were spaced along the length of this tunnel, though there were increasingly closer to the surface further upstream.

The effect of this was that the manholes like the one above me were frequently run across by the traffic above, thereby creating a huge sound with the awesome reverb of the chamber(s) around us.

Unfortunately, this tunnel, too, grew ever smaller without presenting any attractive alternative routes.

This part of the system finally wound down to a couple of 4 ft. tunnels, one straight ahead or the other to the left (behind Dani), neither of which was all that appealing, so we headed back to quite literally dust off the cobwebs and get something to drink.

p.s. Doesn't Dani do the best X-files impression?

Alexplored 4/4/04.

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