The Endless Tunnels, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

This is just the start of what was possibly the most graffiti-ridden set of tunnels I have ever been through!  Unfortunately, most of it was less "art" and more driven by ego, profanity, or the occasional band name. 

This is the end of the tunnel pictured above.  We could see light at the end of the tunnel ahead (right in this picture), so --given our Morlock mentality-- we chose the darker path.

This turned out to be a rather muddy part of the system, but it looked like it had potential...

...Unfortunately, the diameter grew increasingly more confining.  We gave up on it at this point (maybe 500 ft. in; no GPS readings were possible) in favor of the other parts of this system that we had passed over on our way here.

The other section of this part of the system (i.e., the tunnel with light visible from our end) turned out to be much more explorer-friendly in that it contained much less water and almost no mud the moment anyway.

About halfway to the end of this tunnel was a section that was virtually non-stop graffiti, typically very colorful stuff, much of it very old as is evident from the Metallica symbol to the top right.  I mean, no one has liked them enough in the last ten years to write their name anywhere... even underground!

And what's up with the marijuana obsession (note the "pot head" and leaf to the right)?  Don't these guys get high enough off the paint fumes in a confined space?!

The tunnel opened into a community park alongside a set of train tracks.  Upon emerging to get a look around we once again managed to get a few odd looks from passersby, although for the most part people tended to ignore us and continue with their ballgame.

The water went alongside the park into a few small tunnels.

Approx. distance of this tunnel:
0.226 miles (1191 feet)

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