Return to the Endless Tunnels
I hadn't been in these in years.  Kristin hadn't been in tunnels ever.  Good recipe.

Attitude?  Check.

Swallows.  They seem like nice enough birds, but in the dark when they're flying at you trying to get out of the tunnel, it's like a scene from a Batman movie.  One of the good ones, I mean.

Soda straws.  I would be curious to know how long it takes these to form.  The problem is that they're so neat, I don't want to break any that are already there just to see when they'll grow back.

A forest of them!

I could pretend this picture is to show the step up, but(t)... come on.

I'm not sure where the rocks came from.  They're scattered throughout the tunnel and accumulate in spots like this every so often... just about everywhere you'd need to take a rest.

Kristin found this poison dart of Kamino origin.  Okay, it was probably just the spire from an iron fence.

Upon closer examination, we realized one of the rocks had tile on it.  I didn't realize that stuff grew in the wild.

Urban poetry.

This must be very deep and profound because I really don't understand a word of it.

The tunnel opens out into this relatively shallow canal alongside some apartments, but up ahead... starts up again.

...and so do the graffiti artists.

It's a chicken or egg question, really.

At this point the tunnel splits in a couple of directions, one of which leads out to a field.  Since it was dark, there wasn't any sunlight to clue me in which was which, so we kept going straight ahead.

"And the Academy Award goes to..."

There's definitely potential for cool graffiti, but the ratio of paint to good ideas is entirely too high.  It's neat when you happen across an exception like this...  as opposed to the pot on the wall.  Dude, just stay home and smoke it.  Paintings of marijuana are as boring as Jesus freaks selling their own empty message.

We never made it to the end of the tunnel.

Actually, this last shot was taken on the way back.  Kristin's looking into another part of this system we never got around to checking out.  We went home instead.  Actually we went to IHOP, but then we went home.

Alexplored 7/11/08.
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