The Dollar Tunnel
Actually, I discovered this one a couple weeks before Dani and I made it back to check it out.  All I had time to do last time was to go into it a little ways.  I realized it was definitely a bikeable tunnel, so we returned with our wheels.

The start of the tunnel is fairly tall and narrow, but it changes up pretty quickly.

You can see several things in this shot.  For one, there are two parallel tunnels at this point (note the hole on the left.  For another, you can see that the tunnel goes up a bit, meaning that the ceiling is lower, which is one of the reasons I wanted to bring the bikes this time.

Okay, so the biking method has its shortcomings at times.

Yet another bricked-off tunnel.  I always wonder what the story was every time I run across one of these.

Okay, so here's the first cross-over.  You're looking at another, larger tunnel crossing through the path of the smaller one we were in already.

There's also quite a dip here (No, not Dani).  We had to get off the bikes and toss them up to one another.

Here's a view from the larger tunnel to show the scale of the room.

I went up a side tunnel and got a GPS reading quickly to tell us what we were under.

And then we ran across another cross-over!  Every tunnel I explore seems to have something unusual or unique about it.  This one had two unique things... even though they weren't unique to one another.

After finishing off the original tunnel, we decided to go upstream and find out where the larger tunnels led...

The water actually started getting deeper upstream, so even biking it got to be impossible after a bit because I was moving to slowly through the mud and water.  I was just wearing Cons and not boots, so I didn't want to keep getting soaked at this point (Dani had waited behind for me to scout to once it started getting mucky).  I gave up and headed back.

Now we had to head back downstream and see where that went.  It turned out the same tunnel crossed over itself twice (much like the 'S' in a dollar sign, hence the name), and then eventually ran parallel to the original tunnel we started at the outfall, so they both ran out together.  Go figure.

Alexplored 9/5/05.
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