The Dirty, Dirty Tunnel
"Is sex dirty," the psychiatrist asked.  "It is if you're doing it right," quipped Woody Allen.  Same goes for urban exploration, I say.

Erin and I drove out here the weekend before this, and even though I knew from Phil's description that this tunnel was right here, I couldn't see it in the dark.  I'm sure many guys have a similar story about not being able to find the hole in a car in the dark, but this was just as frustrating.

Granted, we didn't get out and look the first time.  Thankfully, Phil sent me a bird's eye view of it from Live Earth, and I brought Dani and Erin back the next weekend to check it out.  There.  Top that story.

A better look at the entrance to the tunnel.  And at Dani demonstrating to Erin how to tuck jeans into boots.  The lesson didn't take, however.

A muddy footprint!  This is always a scary sign.  Most folks don't go in tunnels; that's what makes them interesting to those of us who do.  When you see a footprint, that's often a bad sign that someone's been there: vagrant, construction worker, or some other members of the Village People.

See the concerned looks on their faces.  They fucking hate disco!

The culprit turned out to be much dirtier!  A porn stash!

You have to wonder whether someone comes (pun?) down here because of an obscure fetish or because he has a really, really bad situation at home that circumvents any and all attempts at masturbation?

I'm not going to show close-ups of the exposed (pun?!) pages on the top of the stack, but, yeah, this wasn't exactly Playboy.  Believe it or not, I've actually run across this before.  Back in '93 or '94 my roommate and I found a couple of Playboys (from almost a decade earlier, believe it or not; think Fawn Hall hair).  They were in a tunnel off the edge of campus, stuffed in a Zip-lock (to protect from moisture not originating from their reader), and sitting up out of the way on the edge of an I-beam that ran across the ceiling of the "room" between tunnel sections.

The rest of this tunnel wasn't so dirty in either sense of the word.

Folks are always telling Dani and me to get a room.  Well, we found one.

...but just on the other side of it, it got much shorter.

Nice Night of the Living Dead pose, Erin.  This is where Dani started bitching about her back and where I started telling her to suck it up.

This whole section got much lower than it was originally on account of construction of a shopping center above.  The dates on tunnel sections confirm this.

If I had a nickel...!

End of the short stuff.


Not that you couldn't scrape your head in here if you happened to have a spring in your step.

Pretty deep down for this area.  No dirty mags this time, just roaches (See the cluster on the manhole cover?).

Phil continued until he was literally crawling.  I didn't think I could talk Dani into that, so this is as far as we went past the shrink-ring in the foreground before we doubled back.

Alexplored 3/14/08.
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