Suburban Dilapidation
In my neighborhood there is a monstrosity keeping all our property values low.  The house across the street from said monstrosity remained for sale for approximately a year.  My house?  Less than two months.  I just have a neighbor who never takes his xmas lights down.  I didn't know that when we closed the sale in mid-December a couple years ago, but that's a story for another time.

A view from the southeast corner.  The orange fence keeps passersby far enough away that debris doesn't fall on them.  No, seriously.

You see the hole in the roof?

How about now?  Well, that's one of them.  You'd think this was the aftermath of that meteor shower from Armageddon or something.

And don't ask me why they took the trouble to board up the 2nd floor windows when there's the hole right above them.

From the front you can see where a chunk fell forward onto the roof of the porch.  About a week after that "dripped" off of here, they put up the fence.  Who knew when the rest of this thing would make like an iceberg in An Inconvenient Truth.

Oh, and the sign?  They're going to demolish it.  When?  No idea.

Closer look at the missing chunk.  One of them anyway.

The underside of the porch.

All the doors and windows are boarded up.  Yes, I tried every which way to get in here short of a crowbar.

I like how the side entrance (an apartment maybe?) only has half of its original numbers remaining.

The little house out back is similarly boarded up.

A view of the back of the house.

They even took the seats and chains off the swingset, those bastards!

And yet the phone company keeps delivering phone books no one with an internet connection uses anymore.  WTF?

Alexplored 11/20/07.
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