Demolished Mall Tunnel
Explorer Phil and I hit this one on one of our excursions to check out as many promising places we had seen on Google Earth as possible.

Last picture first for a change.  Here's the entrance (or exit when I took this; try to keep up).

Inside there were lots of fish.  It would have taken us a while to starve, especially since there were plenty of fast-food places in the area.

After we got past the concrete stuff, we got into these corrugated metal pipes...

...and got more pictures of fish!

I named the little one on the left Mel because I didn't know whether it was a boy or a girl.

Lots of cans that had washed down the pipe.  This usually means there's a homeless settlement somewhere upstream, especially since...

...they were all cat food.  Apparently these are cheaper than regular people food.  That, or cat owners are frequent polluters.  Cat owners don't seem to care if their cat craps in their neighbor's yard, so the jury's still out on this one.

Big shell of a turtle that died some time ago.  I find a lot of these guys making their way farther upstream in tunnels.  I don't know what compels them.  I get asked the same question, and I don't have a concise answer for that one either.

I'm pointing out a spot where the tar coating fell away and the pipe probably won't get cancer there.

Phil's totally awesome Mtv boots.  Very '80s.

End of the line.  Beyond this it grew too small to continue comfortably, so we never found the homeless people and/or a cat lady.  Yeah, like I'm disappointed.

Alexplored 12/10/07.
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