The Crater Tunnel
It's been quite a while since I've been in here, so I thought it would be fun to head back in and see how it looked now that the construction is over... for several years, actually.

This is one of the rare tunnels with a decent upstream entrance.  Unfortunately, logs are not allowed.

I just love these cobblestone walls.

And these formations.

Here's a broader look at many of them above and around Phil.

I am Batman.  And too lazy to rotate images before I batch convert them.  Thanks to Phil for the shot.

History.  That's an old clay pipe peeking through...

...and cracked along its length much of the way back.

Then it changes.  It changes several times, actually.  I should have taken more pics, but I figured I probably covered this in earlier galleries.

This was in a low section of the tunnel where the concrete had flaked away to reveal large sections of the ribbing beneath (or above in this case).

This is a look directly up the shaft of the core of what was once the crater.  You can see this portion being built in The Saga of Crater Tunnel gallery in the Textplorations section of the site.

Here's a shot Phil took of me way the hell up here.  I was looking at a couple of the small insets near the top of this shaft that I actually saw being installed as this was added.

Looking back upstream.  The one on the left is where we came in from.  To the right is a smaller tunnel that unfortunately doesn't really lead anywhere interesting.  Above is the shaft I just climbed.

Phil makes the same picture more interesting.

The crater used to run from the end of the arched tunnel in the foreground to the square tunnel Phil's in at the end here.

This is looking downstream again where the camera was sitting in the previous shot.

In this portion the cobblestones are both in the walls and floor.

A better look at the whole scene.

Farther downstream the water is more channeled... least until it gets too deep to proceed without a canoe.  Not having one, we doubled back.

Alexplored 3/31/09.  Some pics by Explorer Phil.
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