Crater Tunnel... (Part 2: what crater?)
As the construction progresses on filling in the crater tunnel, I have stopped back by to check out what they're doing.  Eventually I'll post something about the whole saga when they're finished with everything.

Here's a view of the crater (or what's left of it) from a nearby overpass.  All that remains is the wood form around some additional concrete they're adding.  Not sure what this is for yet.

Note the security guard on the little cart in the top left.  He was reading the paper... little did he know!

We went to the upstream entrance to this system and worked our way toward the crater.

I have no idea what Dani's looking at, but she's creeping me out!

This is where the two upstream tunnels now meet.  This used to be right at the edge of the floor of the crater.  Dani is taking the picture from just inside the beginning (or end?) of the original tunnel upstream.

The metal beams are apparently there for good.  The wood was left over out of laziness, I guess.

Here's the center of the crater.  There's a roof on it now, obviously, but the hole in the ceiling goes up to the wooden form shown in the first picture.

Further downstream nothing much has changed.  This tunnel continues as it always has. 

We continued downstream for as far as we could, but it grew deep before too long, so we turned back. 

The only thing worth commenting on at this end was that there was a lot of silty sand from the construction in the crater.

Another look into the two upstream tunnels as viewed from the big room.

And back out the way we came.  (I just thought this tunnel was cute.)

Alexplored 4/20/05. 
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