Crater Tunnel, Part III
Continuing where we left off....

We lugged the poor canoe still further upstream through the water in the larger tunnel on the left in the image with me above.  Obviously, the height of the ceiling increased after the initial backbreaker stretch.

A little further along we finally reached the end.  This tunnel opened out into a stream in the woods off the side of another railroad track.

Note that the walls are pure brick rather than concrete at this point.  Someday I'm going to remodel my house to look like this.

I'll return to the end of this tunnel in a little bit, but let me double back for the time being.

Once we found that the other end of the tunnel led to the surface, Dani and I turned back to check out the other tunnel in the crater. 

Again, the exit into the crater was pretty low, but this one was roughly 6 feet high once I was 50 feet or so in (Dani stayed back to watch the canoe).

This tunnel meandered all over the place, but it eventually just petered out into smaller round culverts, about 5 feet high or so.  I wasn't interested so long as I had a canoe to play with that evening, so we headed back and took it to Benbrook Lake to check out the dam.

The next day, Dani and I decided to track down exactly where that crater was. 

It turned out to be in a construction site next to these train tracks and behind the barbed fence to the right.

I climbed up the side of a train car (it had stopped, of course) and took this shot, but I still couldn't see the bottom of the crater.  I cannot even begin to guess at why this is here.

At any rate, you see that overpass to the left...?

...I found this homeless guy sleeping in his encampment beneath the overpass.  (That's him lying on his back with his knees up.)

I was scouting out here looking for a break in the fence when I spotted all his stuff.  He even had a bike!

Anyway, Dani and I took off again in the car and tracked down the end of the tunnel where we came out the day before.

We followed the stream along the train tracks until we reached this tunnel.  Again, we didn't bring boots, so I braved the refreshingly cool water barefoot and scouted this tunnel with my indispensable mini-Maglight.

This tunnel goes on for a ways before opening into a large room with three other tunnels, one of which is 8 feet high.  Guess what's very high on my "to do" list?

Till next time!

Alexplored 5/30-31/04.

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