Crater Tunnel, Part II
Continuing where we left off....

Nothing is going to stop us this time! 

About a week later we rented a canoe and were going in.

We had to lug the canoe from the car a few hundred feet over rough terrain, but it was worth it to be dry and safely out of the jaws of any crocodiles lurking beneath the water!

And here's that railroad tie!  Just in front of Dani is the metal poking through the wall.  Thankfully, it couldn't penetrate fiberglass.

We were on our way at last!

And look, another turtle!  We also saw a few small fish.

This spot was just a few hundred feet upstream from the entrance of the tunnel.  The water grew shallow relatively quickly and was only a foot or so deep here.

At this point, I began to drag the canoe upstream through the channel of water in the middle of the tunnel.

I would assume that this archway has the same proportions along its entire length, so that should give you an idea of the depth of the water in the earlier images.

At one point we tied the canoe to some of the nail-like iron projections from the wall and scouted ahead.

The floor in this part of the tunnel was an interesting  mosaic of large rocks, unlike the plain concrete further downstream.

Finally we came across sunlight, with another tunnel visible just beyond.

We were down in some huge crater maybe 30 ft deep with relatively steep walls. 

This is truly one of those "you shoulda been there" spots for which pictures simply cannot do justice!

And here's the view from the opposite side.  Note that I had to cut off the bottom of Dani because I couldn't get far enough back to get everything in the frame.

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