Crater Tunnel, continued!: Part III
Continuing where we left off....

We checked out yet another side tunnel, but it ended up branching off into several smaller culverts.

We couldn't decipher the graffiti, but apparently the author wanted us to know someone "got back."  Thank you, Sir Mix-a-Lot.

In our final side tunnel, wouldja believe it, another turtle!  This was another of the stripe-faced guys we usually see.  He really stuck his head out to see just who these tunnel people were taking pictures of him.

The tunnel eventually shifted from the 6 foot culverts to this domed shape which finally lead to a muddy area filled with...

...animal tracks!  We're still debating this one.  So far we have never seen any raccoons, but that is what I have always believed these to be.  On the other hand, we have run across a half dozen turtles at this point.  However, there are no lines where it looks like they were dragging their shells at any point.  Anyone who can resolve this question, please write in!

At any rate, this room was filled with slick mud that grew increasingly thick and difficult to traverse without losing a boot.

It was impossible to get far enough to the end of this room to photograph it, but guess what was there? Another dead end.  Seriously, one day I am bringing a shovel and we're going to find some answers!

And back to where we started.

I didn't have a shot of it on the way in, but this one section is too deep to walk through even with our boots, so we had to use this narrow ledge and keep ourselves from falling in by pushing back on the ceiling.  It's a workout.

Alexplored 6/7/04.

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