Crater Tunnel, continued!: Part II
Continuing where we left off....

Here is another room where things split off.  We continued down the main shaft and explored a smaller (6 foot) tunnel off the side here on the way back.

How about this?  Another turtle!  I don't know whether it is the warm weather or just what exactly, but this was the fifth turtle we ran across in a tunnel in just the last few weeks (having never spotted any prior to this).

Our movement made the water too cloudy with silt to take any more pictures, but this one was a different breed than the others we have seen.  (Sorry, I didn't bring my copy of Peterson's Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians for a more accurate description.)

The tunnel kept growing smaller at we made our way.  Dani is stepping up from the 6 foot to 5 foot transition in this part of the tunnel.

Fortunately, as we neared the end of any of the tunnel worth exploring, we were able to climb some smaller two foot diameter tunnels to the curb.  It turned out we were near the train station.

I continued a little further beyond this point, where the tunnel was clearly much older.  This section was only about 4 feet high and was full of spider webs.  I was hoping to find some connection with another larger system, but had no such luck, so I turned back.

So we turned back to check out a few of the side tunnels we had passed over on the way upstream.

Again we checked out a few of the curbside drains off to the side.  I would never do it, but it's fun to think about a Candid Camera type of prank where you grab peoples' ankles as they pass by.

Here's a shot of the street from our subterranean vantage.  This street is just the next one over from the train station and facing the opposite direction (west; although the camera is pointing south) as before.

And look, the trip was worth it!  I found a $20 on top of the mud.  Geez, it's like we're the freakin' Goonies or something!

Actually, I found a $1 bill in another tunnel a while back, but this like burried treasure.

Note that I still have spiderwebs in my hair from the previous section of this tunnel.

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