The Cotton Oil Plant, Part III
Continuing where we left off...

A busted-up maintenance shed.  I can't complain though since I don't have even a busted-up maintenance shed.

Here's that big white thing I mentioned forever ago when we were up on the roof.  Originally, it and another one like it (also on the ground near here) were in the frames at the top of the building (and image) that remind you of the braces you wore in junior high.

Locker rooms.  No roof though, so technically you could save water if you showered when the weather was cooperating.

And then there was a big fire (which is probably where the roof went; I don't remember).

Ironically, I can never find a belt when I'm at home.

This is another section that was missing the roof on account of the fire.  Note the hole in the wall.  This is the standard cut and punch-in hole they make when there's no access otherwise.

I thought I was time-traveling for a minute when I saw the cigarette machines.

Somewhere along the way someone spilled some paint.  Though it's technically dry, it was rubbery and unnatural feeling like Pam Anderson's breasts.

Speaking of which, here are more big thingies.

It's okay to stair.

An overview, this time from the opposite side.

The other end of the complex.

And yet there's a tree growing on the roof.  Hey, tree, you're on a roof.  You aren't supposed to be up here.  Maybe I'm not supposed to be either, but I'm just passing through.  What are your long-term plans?

Okay, under no circumstances am I not going to go in a tunnel (short of ones full of testicle-eating monsters), but I was pretty sure the power was off.

What this was for, I have no idea, but this leaves exactly no tunnels anywhere in FW I haven't been in.

Just outside the tunnel was this wheel standing up on its own.  I have no idea how or why, but I think this proves that I have seen everything now.

Another random warehouse area.

A final view of the outside of the place and my butt.  (Hello, ladies!)

Alexplored 7/24/05.
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