The Cotton Oil Plant, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Through the trees we spotted an ambulance marked "Emergency x-ray."  You know you've got some safety issues when they just part right there on-site.

This is the space where it was parked and where I'll be debuting my opera about urban exploration.  For one thing...

...I'll be using the boat as a set piece for the scene where the heroes sing the requiem and give a viking funeral to the hero slain while battling the sea monster that lives in the tunnels beneath the city.

Look, cotton!  No, not the toilet paper on the bottom of his shoe; I mean the leafy stuff on the floor.  There wasn't loads of this still around, but some remained.

Electrical boxes stripped of junk.

Another long warehouse thing, only I used the space to run around making airplane noises.

Someone bothered to bring bolt cutters to get through the back fence, but they were too lazy to go around to the side or even the front where it was wide open.  Kids these days.

Barrels of bricks!  Yeah!  What a convenient way to store them and to get them home from Sam's Club.

The inside of a great big empty round thing.

This is sideways, sorry, but that's one of the radial things that cross the center of this structure.

Another big empty.  You could store a lot of nothing in here if you had some.

This was pretty much all that was left behind.  Here's just about as much cotton as you'd find in the place, though it's a fracrion of what Dave Chapelle references in a typical routine.

Open letter to Dave:


Get some new material, stat!


A conveyor?  Or something.  Seriously, I'm just making this shit up.

Another big empty spot...

...but the rope came down from the highest point in the ceiling, so I spent about ten minutes dicking around with it like an autistic kid since it was the ideal situation for demonstrating a lot of wave phenomena (i.e., gravity is parallel with the rope, so the waves aren't attenuated relative to their positional around the axis). 

You can send a series of waves up, and then see them coming back, so you can fire another round in- or out-of-phase to meet them and have constructive or destructive interference, create harmonic nodes, etc.

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