The Cotton Oil Plant
I had heard about this place from the guys at a long time ago, but was really more into exploring tunnels at the time.  It took forever to get around to checking it out with Silent Search and Dokk months later while we were in the neighborhood exploring several other interesting sites.

I don't know what all this plant was used for or in what way, but it left the world's biggest McDonald's playground.  Look, there's Silent Search going up into the space shuttle.  Vrooooom!

Several of the buildings here had multiple levels like the loft apartments all gay people have, only this place was much, much dirtier.

Cotton grindy thinga-majigs.  Patent pending.  The name is trademarked, however.

Grrrrrrindhouse?  No.  Cool movie though.

Hell, no, I'm not putting my fingers in it.  There were several of these free-standing tools about, though we could never figure out what they were for.

A big old something or other laying on its side.  We'll go check that out in a bit.  Let's finish this building first.

Further back are more sorting and processing machines.  Incidentally, my camera caught the hanta virus getting this shot.

Yeah, so they say, but it never did when we were there in spite of my double and triple-dog dares that it do so.

The roof could probably pick up UHF signals from Mexico.

Sure, it's a walkway, but my testicles tingle even thinking about crossing it.  No thanks.

Bucket of dead roaches.  New from Hasbro!

A loading dock.  (And a redundant caption.)

Some seriously peeling paint.  This is what I look like after about an hour in the sun.

Ear plugs?  I've never thought about serving those at a party.  Thanks, Martha Stewart; you're the best!

What are you kidding?  Of course not.  I know there are testicle-eating monsters in there, and I need mine to inform me when to be afraid of heights.

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