Cat Carcass Tunnel

Melancholy found this tunnel, so we checked it out one night to see where it led in either direction.  Apparently a cat did the same and didn't have as much luck.

This manhole led down an impressive enough distance that we knew this was going to be pretty good.

Here's a shot from the top of the manhole room with Mel looking downstream.  Behind him is a side tunnel that I think was a dead end if I remember right.

Here's another side tunnel.  The hatch would seem to be redundant.  These are usually present to prevent a backflow if the level in the main tunnel is higher than what is emptying into it.  However, there is already one of these downstream.

Speaking of which, since we were heading downstream, we passed beneath the levee.  This is a tall shaft to the surface.  The black rod leads down to metal doors (the tops of which can be seen on the lower right) to help seal off the tunnel if the river is high enough to cause the aforementioned backflow.

Still further downstream.

...and then finally to a set of metal doors that swing open from the bottom (similar to those on other tunnels we've explored that are posted elsewhere on this site).  These also prevent backflow, so there are several layers of protection throughout.  

It doesn't take much force to push it open.  If there's any water inside the tunnel, that's enough to open it as wide as is required.

Animal poop.  This was kind of a surprise because there's no easy way in from the river for even small animals.

After working our way upstream past where we entered from, the tunnel went from arched to round.

Here's a room in one of several turns we made in here.

Here's what I call a good cat.  In other words, it was dead.

I don't know how it found its way down here.  There are a number of small side tunnels that a cat could have entered from, but who knows?

The pattern of decay was really weird.  Note that it doesn't have a lower jaw either.  Why are some areas completely gone and others almost untouched (externally anyway)?

Up ahead things got still smaller.  You can see beyond Mel where the diameter took a step down by about a foot, so we doubled back and went in search of other tunnels after this.

Alexplored 9/24/06.
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