Canal Tunnel

I'm not really sure how Melancholy found this system since it isn't in our neighborhood and it's kind of out of the way for him to have happened upon while cruising around town, but it was a pretty decent tunnel connected to a large paved canal.

We biked it since it looked like it was going to be fairly smooth, much like Melancholy's head that day (Scroll down for better pics).  That's him in the canal coming back after checking out what was around the bend while I was climbing down with my bike still.

Here's the entrance, and yeah, I'm riding a girl's bike.  You got a problem with that?  In all honestly, it was originally just a cheap bike I picked up from a pawn shop that I don't worry about getting messed up.  However, I happen to like the feel and performance of it better than any other bike I've ever owned so far.  Go figure.  Nevertheless, we've taken it places where we've completely submerged it in water for half an hour at a time as we've made our way in and out of tunnels that were pretty much inaccessible any other way.

Inside, the tunnel stayed pretty much round and smooth (and unfortunately, kind of featureless) for a ways.

Here's a side tunnel, but you're probably checking out Melancholy's head.  Yeah, I don't know why I waited as long as I did to emulate him.

We traveled pretty far before the tunnel changed into this square configuration.

...but then it went back to the round stuff again.  The entire thing gets filled up at times though, as you can see from all the junk that was caught on the pipe and exposed bits of rebar.

Long exposure without a tripod (hence the blurries), but I'm showing a hole in the ceiling that was about six to eight inches in diameter.  We never figured out where it opened out to (I didn't even bring my GPS on this trip), but it was right at the surface and plenty big enough for someone to step in.

A few small side tunnels, but that was pretty much it for this system before things just started getting smaller and we turned back...

...and checked out the rest of the canal.  There are actually several other tunnels along this waterway before it empties into the river, but we haven't gotten around to those yet.  Stay tuned.

Alexplored 5/28/06.
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