By the RR tracks, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Further upstream the water is channeled better into the center of the tunnel.

Civil engineers take note!  Throughout the tunnel were a number of spots where water was bleeding through the walls.  Most of these were minor trickles or just weeping like you might find in an old basement, but this spot was roughly a couple gallons each minute.  How persistent this is and whether it has any bearing on the structural integrity are issues outside my ability to address.  Hopefully these tunnels are inspected periodically!

This part of the tunnel was the widest of the trip.  For some reason a lot of the corrugated iron was exposed, as was the case with the piece holding up the "Blair Witch" branch.  Apparently the water gets pretty high at times.  Maybe when the weather gets a little warmer I'll bring my inner-tube!

Decisions, decisions!  Here was another Alice in Wonderland sight.

Always hoping to save the best for last, we decided to check out the little tunnel first.

This one curved around exactly 90 degrees (confirmed with the compass), but it just continued at this back-breaking height for a good ways.  We didn't bother with it since upstream invariably means the diameter would only get smaller.

Finally, the end of the line.  Note still more weeping walls and floor around the area.

Dani scouted the top of the ravine and took a few pictures to help identify the area when we drove back through.

While Dani was above, I established the GPS coordinates, then we scouted further upstream. 

After this we doubled back and took the less conspicuous (i.e., subterranean) route back to the car.

Alexplored 1/18/04.

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