Tunnel for the Birds
This one gets its name from the fact that birds typically occupy this tunnel, much like those seen on the walls of the Beach Street Tunnel.  We saw the birds when they flew out upon our first discovering this tunnel, and again a few weeks later when I scouted it.  Unfortunately, they weren't here any longer, but I had already gotten to calling it "the bird tunnel" by then.  Also, this one wasn't all that interesting.

Here's the entrance.  The water empties from here down a long, slippery  incline into the Trinity River.  Watch your step!

This grate was a couple hundred feet into the tunnel.  The shaft itself was about 3 or 4 feet to the surface, though it looks like a lot less since the sun was almost directly overhead.  The grass actually grew all this way down into here.

Don't ask me where the clothes hanger came from!

Here's a look back to where we came from.  The tunnel was almost completely straight except for a couple small turns to the left (going upstream) along the way.

Hey, a shovel!

We always find interesting things.  This shovel was in great shape other than being a little water-logged.

I forgot to look for it on the way back or I might have brought it with me instead of letting it end up in the river the next time it rains.

Here's a look up to one of several manholes along the way.  These were all out of the way of traffic since we never heard any cars cross them.  As you can see, we were pretty far below ground at this point.

As you can probably tell here, the tunnel started to ramp upward toward the end.  However, the end was in sight, so I didn't have do muster any motivation to go ahead and finish the journey.

And I've lost my head!

Actually, I'm standing in another shaft up to a surface grate.  It was quite a ways up (~15 ft).  Unfortunately, there way no way to see the surface or to get a GPS reading here (no rungs to climb), so there was no way to tell how far we had traveled.

The tunnel to the left grew very small in just a few feet, so we didn't explore that or the other one behind me.

Alexplored 9/19/04.

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