Big Dip Tunnel

I think I spotted this one as I was out driving around one day.  I already had a few other potential tunnels marked on my "to do" list nearby, but this spot actually had the best place of the lot of them we found on this night.

Here's the entrance.  There are three tunnels.  Whenever you find this situation, don't take the center one.  Monsters live in there.  Okay, not really.  A better reason is that you'll find side tunnels if you do the ones at the periphery of the system.  The middle tunnel is pretty much just going to be a straight shot to the end with less to see.

I took this a little later in the evening after we were finished exploring this tunnel, hence the image is a little darker.  It shows the concrete inclines leading in from most directions.

Here's the dip, and I don't mean Melancholy.  The water got this deep.  We probably could have ridden the bikes through it, but when it's already dark and you have to watch your step already, it's better to just go on foot.

After a short while, the water shallowed out and we had a fairly empty tunnel for the rest of the trip to the end.

...which graffiti artists somehow found even though this is basically in the middle of nowhere.  The stream continued into the woods, but we didn't follow it.

Since it's so close to nature, we weren't surprised when we spotted some raccoon tracks.  Of course, they'll live in tunnels that are even in fairly urban areas.

Oops, a bad spot in the construction.  They've since patched it up a bit, but I don't know that this will hold for very long.  Admittedly, I haven't run across many places where there have been actual cave-ins.

On the way back to the big dip at the beginning of the tunnel, we had a better chance to photograph someone's attempt to make a bridge across the water.  It wasn't very effective.

Alexplored 9/20/06.
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