Benbrook Lake... the other side of the dam
Since Dani and I had already rented the canoe for the weekend to explore the Crater Tunnel, we decided to revisit Benbrook Lake for a closer look at the dam from the other side of the levee.  If you visited our previous gallery already you saw that we checked out the dam from the opposite side of the levee as the lake.  We never really got close to the pumping station on the other side.  But then we never had the means to get out on the lake before.

We have no idea what all this pumping station is for, but it sure is cool!

The water is apparently taken up in the structure at the left just behind Dani.  There is a tower behind and to the right of that as well.

And here is where the pipe goes to.

And another view from the opposite side.

And here's a close-up view of the pump.  We actually threaded our way among the supporting pillars and had a look underneath as well.

Here's a close-up view of the tower shown previously.  The walk-way at right goes back to the shore.

Land ho!
(pardon my language)

Alexplored 5/30/04.

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