Benbrook Lake Dam
Dani and I had passed the dam at Benbrook Lake once before.   I had never seen an actual dam, so I made her promise to return to check it out again at some point.  Well, as luck would have it, the whole area was drained for some purpose not immediately evident.  As a result, we managed to get some really once in a lifetime photos of what is typically submerged.

If you will pardon the very unprofessional appearance of my finger for the moment, this is a view of the channel coming through the side of the dam.  For reference, the chain link fence on either side is about three feet high.

The water runs down the incline to these breakers (I'm not sure why anyone bothered to number them!)...

And the whole thing widens out right here...

...into a big mud bowl.  Since it is probably safe to rule out "panning for gold," I am at a loss as to what the wheelbarrow is doing in this spot.

Finally, here's the long shot from the mouth of the dam.  Dani is the little dark speck at the corner of the fence on the right.

This would have been the mother of all expeditions to be able to climb into here.  Unfortunately (or maybe not; I'm still alive, after all), the tunnel is blocked by a grate with holes too small to squeeze though.  Although, for the record, that wouldn't stop James Bond.

And here's the view from the other side of the levee.  Dani and I went around the back way to the parks.  The main entrance to the area closest to the control station was closed, so this is as close as we made it, at least this time around.

Alexplored 3/21/04.

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