The Ancient Graffiti of Beaver Tunnel
After a night on the town with my internet-adopted sister Leslie, we decided to go exploring in the wee hours of the morning.  Yeah, nuts, especially when she usually goes to bed around 9pm.  Anyway, I promised I show her the graffiti from a hundred years ago in here since I was wanting to get better pictures of it myself.  Here's what we found.

Leslie's first exploring picture.

[Applause sign.]

While the presence of a groundhog's shadow is used as a test for whether or not spring has arrived, finding a turtle in any tunnel means summer is definitely here (if my electric bill wasn't confirmation enough).

Fun fact: All tunnels have shovels.  If you didn't see any when you went, you're just a really bad explorer.

I can paint with light!  Take that, Thomas "Kinky" Kinkade!

Leslie's second exploring picture.  See, it's getting old already.

Squished bird.  The work of CHUDs?  No, because we found the missing wing elsewhere, and no CHUD would let a delicacy such as that slip away.

Some of the graffiti.  This is what it looks like with the camera's flash...

...and this is what it looks like light from the side to show the contrast better.

You can also see that the mortar on the walls was manually applied rather than simply using concrete form as with everywhere else in the tunnels.

Some markings by Gilbert Danner.

The date?  Oct. 26, 1901.  Most of the dates along here were within a three or four days of this.  Specifically, Oct. 23rd through the 30th.

That says Allen C. at the top left, although the initial is so stylized that you'd never guess had he not written his name a half-dozen other places along this stretch (Leslie figured it out, but she can probably beat me at sudoku as well).

A look at the ceiling in here.  These are metal bars laid across the top with just mud above them.  I know there's nothing else because in some places erosion has removed 6" of mud above the tunnel.

This is a decent frame of reference, but see also one of the first pics for a hand in the shot.

Emmett Moore and Allen C. strike again!

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