The Ancient Graffiti of Beaver Tunnel, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
This is apparently what Frank and the other tunnel masons liked to draw for fun.

And this.

Some more.

It reads "Latimer is a good man."  Locals have heard of Good Latimer, I'm sure.  The connection?  I don't know.  If you're a historian, clue me in.

More from Allen C.

Still more.

Gilbert had interesting initials.

Another stretch.  And Leslie's hand.

Some pictures, sort of.

Quite a ways farther upstream we came across a mouse.

Here's one of a bunch of close-ups I got of him trying to find his way off the wall so he could dart down a tunnel out of our way.

On the way back we thought about hitting this tunnel...

...but it's really short and we* were really tired.

*Okay, that goes for me mostly.  Leslie was game which is why she looks ready to strike.

In addition to it being really low, the floor was really, really rocky, so it was neither smooth enough nor dry enough to crawl or sit on for a rest.  Maybe some other time with knee pads?  Stay tuned.

Having been underground much of the night, it was daylight when we got out... and went home to take a nap.

Alexplored 5/25/08.
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