Beaver Tunnel (yes, again)
I hadn't planned to return to this tunnel, but Kristi and I hadn't had much luck finding anything better to do this night.  So, what the hell?

These images are so much better than the ones I usually get because I brought Dani's camera with us this time.

This is just inside the entrance to the tunnel.  For some reason, there was a lot of debris right at this end.  Kristi suggested this was possibly due to the Arts Fest just a week or so earlier, but we didn't see much other trash elsewhere.

While I've run across turtles in these tunnels before, this one was long since dead.

You can't tell at this resolution, but there was little left except a shell and a few bits of flesh.

I couldn't tell whether he died and rotted away or if he was eaten, though I suspect the latter. 

Here's one of what appears to be an older part of the tunnel.  And some ghosts.  I think.

This is where the tunnel splits before it reaches the canal where we entered.

There are several such splits as you head upstream, but the all re-converge until you are left with just the one tunnel at the end.  Well, before it splits again.  Tell you what, don't worry too much about it.

Here's a side tunnel that turns out to be a dead end.  There's a huge pile of mud at this end.

This happens in a couple places just in this section as well as again in another side tunnel further up... and yet again in still another side tunnel, though that one is actually bricked over at the end.

Wow, look at Kristi hold up that wall!

Notice all the newer concrete.  It's hard to tell in a two-dimensional image, but this part of the tunnel was starting to crack and shift before it was repaired.  Unfortunately, there was a huge cave-in and we were killed right after this picture.

Then our ghosts explored the rest of the tunnel.

I just like this shot.

This is a surprisingly wide room.  There's a small entrance and a small exit on either end, so I have no idea why they built it like this.

And here's the very end.  This is where the tunnel splits up five different ways.  The three in the middle go toward a still older section under an old part of town.  But we didn't get that far on this night.

Alexplored 4/23/05.
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