Beaver Tunnel, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

This is looking backwards (i.e., downstream) to another branching off point.  The tunnel on the right swings out and connects with yet another tunnel that arcs in that direction.  All of them return at the point pictured about three images above.

This is a shot of me checking out another side tunnel.  In my haste, I missed this one the last time.  Like the earlier side tunnel, this one had a three foot entrance into a seven foot high tunnel... which also ended in a mysterious dead end, filled with mud as before.

I boosted Dani up to view things at the street level.  I couldn't get a good GPS reading by sticking my receiver out of here last time.  Since this was a street not too far from downtown, a hand waving a cell phone-looking object might have attracted a bit of unwanted attention.

This room represents many, many decisions.  Just beyond me, things get really small really quickly.  Although this is in the direction of the original tunnel, it's pretty much the end of the line.

However, there is a series of three or four culverts just to the right (at least one of these is visible).  The last time I was here, I took one of them that looked promising, but it came to nothing after a stretch, so I doubled back, eager to return home.

This time we took a different tunnel and found a whole other world!

Dani actually chewed her way through concrete and rebar for this picture!

Seriously, I'm standing in a side tunnel from the main system we passed through above.  Here again I found a huge section (a 300 ft or so culvert) that was isolated from the rest of the system, a complete dead end.  It was sealed with cinderblocks and concrete. 

What's going on here?  Why are there so many tunnels built with absolutely no use?!?

I'm skipping ahead a bit here, mainly because the few pictures I have leading up to this don't convey the area very well.

After the side tunnel above, we continued on until we reached a large room with two other culverts of the same size coming from the same wall (though not the same direction!).  There was also a huge arched tunnel at the end of the room, and then there was a side tunnel with light shining down. 

As you can guess, this grate was the source of the light.  We didn't bring a GPS, so we can only guess as to where we were!

Update: On our return trip to this tunnel, we found out that this grate was, just south of I-30 below downtown FW.  It's all but impossible to get down here though since the grate is bolted down.
Here was something else weird.  As this point, I had explored the tunnel beyond where the grate was.  That tunnel turned around and ran right back into the original tunnel.  Basically, the branch-off to the right in this picture represents the corner of a square (or rhombus?) of tunnels maybe 150 feet or so on each side.

At any rate, we continued on down the archway.

Ultimately, this is as far as I made it. 

By this time, we had been underground for over two hours and were almost completely exhausted.  Against all my better judgment, we brought only the two flashlights (no spare!) and had no extra batteries.  The camcorder's battery was dead, and the digi-cam only took AAs, so we couldn't cannibalize those.  It would have been a bad idea to continue.

And here's another turtle!  (He's in the middle left of the frame.)

We met him on both the way here and back.  Mind you, this is at least a mile and a half uphill and upstream from the outfall where we came in.

Something else weird we found: water pouring out of a wall.  We have actually seen this a few times before, but this was very forceful and I don't know what the source of it could be.

Here's a little waterfall.  This is pouring in from a pipe in the ceiling.

Finally, here's one last shot of Dani in the main tunnel very close to the entrance to the tunnel.  This is a fantastic room that branches on the right to the other culvert at the outfall.

We haven't fully explored this system at this point in time, so stay tuned for a future update!

Additional details about this trip can be found in a more lengthy write-up posted on my Journal page.  Jump right to the account of this expedition here.

Alexplored 5/25/04.

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