Bar School, Part III
Continuing where we left off...

Downstairs to the back was this particularly interesting area where the actual bar was.

Here's the a bit of the decor.  Time-traveling is fun, isn't it?!

A wide shot of the room.  So much funk has been conjured in this room you could open a fertility clinic here.

Yeah, that's a combination Home & Garden has never come up with.

Ah, now the room is complete!

Next we went upstairs.

Out of the window there's a ramp going across to the roof of first building we explored...

...where scavengers had pretty much raped the AC units on the roof.

One of the rooms upstairs (the actual top floor this time, not the elevated first floor).  The lesson here is that blue carpet does not go with purple walls.

A room upstairs where it looks like they swept a bunch of stuff into the center of the room.  Well, it's a start.

I can barely move my futon, let alone toss it across the room, but then again, I've never ripped holes in the wall big enough to see the blowers on my AC system.

This is exactly how most of my slumber party fantasies play out, only the other girls still have the mean one tied up the next morning when they go home and leave her to fend for herself.

Tons more drivers' licenses.  There were a few of these downstairs in the "principal's office," but this was about a thousand times that.

This looked like a sweatshop, but I don't know what went on here.  I was sweating though.

Another classroom that scavengers have gotten into where they harvested giant bobby pins or paper clips or whatever those things are on the floor.

A staircase full of law books.  Who is it that gets to say, "Throw the book at 'em!"  because I want to be the guy he says it to.

Postscript: As promised, here's the end of the story.

Since Melancholy was playing Stanley Kubrick inside (i.e., taking forever with each shot), I went ahead of him and explored much of the building on my own.  When I got to the end and had all the shots I needed, I went back and checked in on him.  He still had a ways to go, so I told him I'd run off and get us some drinks (i.e., fruit juice; it was hot).  Unfortunately, someone from the neighborhood spotted me leaving.  I explained that I was just getting shots of the city.  You could see downtown in the distance with the sun setting behind it.  They didn't look convinced, but figured white people are crazy (as is evident from the internet), so it was plausable enough.  I was almost back to my car and out of there by that point.

I called Melancholy on his cell and told him that he'd probably better wrap it up in case they decided to check out the building themselves.  I told him I'd swing by and pick him up.  As I drove up, there was a guy who looked like LL Cool J on a bike pedaling along in front of the place not too far from Melancholy.  He tried to get me to stop, but Mel waved me toward him, so I barely slowed down enough for him to jump in.  The guy had seen him and was asking him what he was up to and basically had him pretty rattled because he was getting kind of hostile about it like maybe his momma said to knock him out.  We high-tailed it out of there at that point, and fortunately the guy couldn't keep up.  I took a right on red at the first light we came to rather than waiting for it to change while he caught up.

As of this writing we haven't been back to the area even though there are other interesting things nearby (e.g., a tunnel).  I didn't go into this above (I'll save it for another gallery at a later date), but there was at least one homeless guy living in the woods next to the place.  Being the only white non-vagrants in the area, we're fairly conspicuous, and toting cameras and tripods, even more so.  As such, this one will have to wait a bit before we have the nerve to return.

Alexplored 4/22/06.
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