Bar School, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

We actually found several records and 45s scattered around the place, including a Redd Foxx comedy album.  Finding it was probably the funniest thing about it, and especially ironic considering this was a veritable junkyard.

At this point we went up to the first floor (which is actually a little above the ground).  The first floor is only half-burried.

Here's the other side of the lobby including the front door (which is boarded over).

Inside what appeared to be the former principal's office, there was still a lot of paperwork lying around.  These were actually twenty-plus year-old legal papers from when a law office took over this space.

They kept the place real tidy too, lemme tell ya.

And check out the state-of-the-art equipment!

Yeah, but where to you even begin to lay out the caution tape at this point?

Those are law books on the shelves in the background.

On a personal note, I really dig those comfy chairs, man.  They almost match the insulation as well.

Another set of bookshelves.  I don't think that's going to be enough Windex though.

This guy was a bit into the golf thing.  In addition to these shoes, there were awards from tournaments, etc.  The shoes look like Exhibit A in an assault case, if you ask me.

Another boarded up front entrance.  That's a piano next to it...

It wasn't in great shape, exactly.  I played it a little with a broken hammer (of which there were many lying there), but it was more like a harp since the face was off it.

Another chunk of piano.

A large room upstairs with quite a bit of furniture (including a whole bunch of armchairs not pictured against the opposite wall) and...

8-tracks!  First vinyl, and now these!

Selections included Nancy Wilson, Muddy Waters (live!), and Hank Crawford.  Yeah, I didn't know who Hank was either.

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