Bar School

Melancholy found this abandoned building in (as always) a not-so-friendly part of town.  We somehow managed to sneak in and check it out undetected, and it was worth the trouble.  Getting out was a different story.  More about that in a bit.

I'm thinking of coming back here to film my own updated video of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, Part II.

Melancholy takes a picture of junk.  How deprived a childhood he must have had not to have ever seen junk before.

More of the outside.  Inside the place, I could hear kids rehearsing for Fame.  Okay, no, not really.

The rest of the back.  It went from looking like a school to looking a bit like a bar.  What gives?  Wait until we get inside.

The back door was open and I was over 25 even if I had on tennis shoes at the time...

...but I think work boots might have been safer.

There were popcorn bags everywhere as well as a number other artifacts such as Commodore 64 programs on tape.  Anyone even remember tape drives?  Hell, you probably weren't even born yet in 1984.

Inside parts of the main building, it looked a bit more like a school.

For one thing, there were chalkboards in many of the rooms.  And vandalism.  You pretty much can't be a school without that.

While there was some evidence that vagrants had occupied this place at some point in time, things didn't look all that fresh, and this is one of the few rooms that looked like it had housed anyone.  I'm not sure who or what drove them out exactly since this place is anything but boarded up.

One area had a concession stand that (according to the sign) had served soft drinks, hot dogs, nachos, and Frito pies.  But not Rolaids for some reason.

The chair belonged to the life guard in case anyone fell in.

Just beyond the concession stand was this relatively small room that looked like it was for dancing.  The broken glass leads me to believe they held Jewish weddings here quite frequently.

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