The Arch Tunnel

Okay, just a quickie for this one since it didn't turn out to be anything special.  I spotted this tunnel from the side of the road one afternoon when I was in the area, and hopped out just long enough to scout it.  Since it's in a part of town I'm usually not in, Melancholy and I returned to check it out.

Here's the entrance.  The arched configuration is kind of unusual for tunnels around here, so I hoped it might be fairly old.

Unfortunately, it wasn't, as you can see based on how regular the form was.

Up ahead here (not very far in) it changed to conventional round concrete pipe.  Mel's up ahead on his bike.

I'd be curious how this log got in here.  This system never opened out to anything where a chunk of debris this size could have gotten in easily.

We gave up here because not too much farther in it grew too short even to bike.  You can see the step up in this pic.

Well, you can see it.  I was busy watching the floor at one point and boinked myself in the head on a ridge at one of the transition points.

Alexplored 6/14/06.
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