The Aircraft Factory, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Some more areas toward the back of the complex of buildings had more remaining items.


The lobby.

A lot of the place consisted of office space and administrative areas.

Another part of the lobby.  I want this desk when I become aLex Luthor.

More emptiness.

Another view outside the place.  There were quite a few buildings on the grounds.  The smaller ones straight ahead were maintenance sheds whereas the larger ones were warehouses and/or manufacturing areas.

The place was fairly overgrown when we were there, and this was during the winter.


The complex is more or less pretty far out of the way, so even though every building is wide open, it wasn't occupied by vagrants or especially looted or damaged by vandals as of when we were there.

We even got up on the roof.

Alexplored 11/20/05.
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