The Aircraft Factory
This was another one of those giant facilities that was lost in the shuffle that follows corporate takeovers.  I forget who bought who, but originally this facility was used to build landing gears for aircraft.  These days it's used to entertain Urban Alexplorers.

This being a former factory, many areas were relatively wide open like this.

Here's a promotional poster left behind.

It amazes me what is taken vs. what's left when a place is abandoned.  For example, whereas most of the furniture, paperwork, and machinery were (re)moved, this desk and magazines remained behind in the bathroom.

Another of those wide-open spaces the Dixie Chicks and I were talking about.

See?  Even the fixtures here.  And the ceiling tiles in spots for some reason.

Maybe be interrupted a convention of Wiccans, but I didn't see any.

More abandonedness.

This is a cry for help if I ever saw one.  I'll never understand what vandals have against toilets let alone how this relates to racial issues.

Fortunately, this anxiety attack (?!?) was confined to the bathroom, and most of the rest of the place was still in pretty good shape.

Other masterpieces included "Pussy" (with accompanying through not especially inspired illustration),  "Suck my dick," and "Fuck yall" (sans apostrophe).  No, not the brightest.

This being an aircraft factory, either I was flying here or I found something to climb on to get this shot.  I can't recall which.

This was pretty cool.  A great big room below ground.  Why?  No idea.

One of the few areas with any remaining machinery.  This thing (whatever it was for) was about three stories tall.

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