The Greatest Photos Ever Taken
Little did Dani know that night that our relationship was about to hit new lows.

Magic?  I don't know what was going on here.  I have never seen the water outside the entrance of the tunnel like this... including on the night before or the one before that when I came out here!  It was like this pretty much all the way down to the river, and yet the water coming from the tunnel was perfectly clear.  There was no odor of St. Patrick's Day beer or anything.

This is what the tunnel looks like most of the way just inside...

...then it widens out a bit and gets a lot taller.  I love this section; there are several others like it throughout this system, though it is interspersed with new (and possibly older) construction.

You notice the string hanging down?  Neither did Dani.

(I took this shot the night before.  This is from about halfway across the big room.)

Presto!  I tug the string, and this appears out of the shaft in the ceiling.

Who's awesome?  You're damned right!

Awwww, she's still flushed.  Her eyes are sparkling more than the rock on her finger.

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Alexplored 12/14/06.
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