The Well
I originally visited this one night with Ben (who had found the spot and visited it at least once before), although it was really too dark for the pictures from that trip to be of any use.  Besides wanting decent pictures, I really wanted Dani to see the place.

Before we get to the tunnel, check out this.

In the end of this "lake" (I would call it a pond) is "The Well."  You'll get a better sense of the scale in a minute.

Across the street from the photo above is the entrance. 

It isn't obvious from this image, but you have to jump down here from the lowest part of the concrete wall on the left.  Either that or swim from upstream.  And I'm not Aqua-man.

Note the submerged tunnel to the right.  It goes into the Well also.

Here's a shot right near the entrance.  As you can see in the distance, the other end of the tunnel is not too far away.

And isn't it amazing how I was able to hold the ceiling up by myself?

At the other end is a waterfall... and waterfowl.

Getting up closer, note the two other birds swimming in the bottom of the Well.  They jumped in from the tunnel as we approached and never bothered to wake sleepy-head here to warn him we were about to catch him.

The trash in the center led Dani to suspect that the Well was designed to keep the debris from the surface of the pond and swept out of view.

Dani managed to sneak right up to the narcoleptic bird without rousing him.  In fact, he didn't  wake up until we were already leaving... and then he still didn't notice us!

Here's a look up out of the Well toward the park around the pond. 

If you take another look at the first image on this page, you'll be able to make out the outline of the top of the tunnel over Dani's shoulder.

Just another look at a silly goose and the sleeping bird.

As you can see, there is some drainage from a couple tunnels on one side. 

It is advisable to wear boots in here.  We left ours in the car, and Dani ended up slipping on the slick part and skinning up her elbow.  Still, she admits the place was cool enough to be worth the trip.

Alexplored 1/9/05.
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