Suicidal Turtle Tunnel: From the Top
I tried to find where this well emptied once before with my friend Turtle (no pun intended with the title), but we had no luck.  I realized I was going to have to take a more serious approach to peering down this well to see where the tunnel exited.

That's the well in the background: A huge hole at one end of the lake... where, as we found out later, a lot of turtles meet their doom.

We picked up a raft with the intention of revisiting the Drop-Off tunnel this trip, but things worked out that we did this instead.

I rowed out to the well.  There's Dani waiting for me under the tree (the raft would only hold one of us safely).

Starting from the top...

...going down...

...down... the very bottom.

I shot the laser tape down it.  The bottom was just under 30' from the edge of the rim.  That means the tunnel at the bottom is about 6' high.

Unfortunately, this is not the easiest place to enter from, so we will have to enter from the outfall downstream, though not until it is considerably drier (more about that later).

Alexplored 5/15/05.
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