End of the Threeway Side Tunnel
Since the end of this tunnel got to be too much for even boots and bikes last time we tried to reach it by working from upstream (about a month prior to this trip), we decided to attack it from the other end by boat.

That's the entrance to the left of Phil's head.

The water wasn't very deep at all in most of this.  In fact, there were several spots where we bottomed out and had to prop ourselves up with the oars to get across.

A look back at the light.  (Same just as above only sans flash.)

This is how deep it was in most spots.  A plastic canoe would probably have been better since it distributes itself more broadly, but inflatable kayaks are just plain convenient in every other way.

The bubbles were methane and CO2 from the gunk at the bottom.

Looooong, straight shot, same as we traveled from the opposite direction leading toward this point.  Almost no side tunnels along the way, even small ones.

A concrete island...

...which Phil claimed for Queen Isabella.

Where did the island come from?  Hard as it is to believe, apparently from this pipe.  It's only a little over a foot in diameter; it's just behind Phil in the previous picture and is visible unobstructed in the one before that.

We went past the island, but then it really started getting gunky.

One of the concrete windows like we ducked across last time we were in this tunnel.

We didn't continue on much farther though, just enough to feel like we'd gone deep enough in that we'd come close to where we'd left off last time.  That was good enough for us.  We were tired of bottoming out on the mud.

Alexplored 5/4/08.  Some pics by Explorer Phil.
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