Return to Threeway Tunnel, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Back in the real main tunnel we retraced the route I'd last traveled years earlier.

Just a neat picture.  It's nice to finally have a strong enough flash that I can visit larger tunnels like this one and just go, "Say ahhhhh."

One of two sets of ramps.  This would be a killer if you were biking it from upstream and didn't know what you were about to go off the edge of.

Neat little holes between parallel sides.  I think I showed these in an earlier gallery or two.

These sides steadily rise up over the course of a few hundred feet.  I had forgotten about that and tried to bike them at first, only to be forcibly slid back to the center when gravity reclaimed me.

"It's just easier," it reads.  You figure it out.

Phil took this from the other side tunnel I wanted to explore...

...which had a bit more graffiti in it somehow (different artists though).

It turned out to be considerably less dramatic than the first side tunnel, but at least I got another GPS reading out of it.

Back in the main tunnel I noticed a huge concrete "plug" sitting downstream from here on our way in.  "That's new," I thought to myself as we rode past it.  It turned out it came from here...

...where they were in the process of adding a curbside drain (not yet complete, obviously, judging by the plywood above).

Another neat section.

Phil did his damnedest to get another GPS reading here, but no such luck.

However, he found another side tunnel not much farther ahead, and we got a reading from it...

...and a little crowbar.  We didn't take it though since, um, why?

Several drain grates that I almost broke my face because of.  They didn't leave much room to bike around.

More windows between parallel sections.

No idea why, but it widens out for only about as much as you can see here before going right back to what it was before.

It's bolted there.  Beneath it?  Why, Hell, of course.

This is essentially the last section.  From here onward it's just like this only it gets smaller and smaller and smaller the farther you go.

I picked this nearby side tunnel before the main tunnel got too small, and crawled down it.  We were able to get a final GPS reading about a mile before the end of the system.  Rather than continuing the rest of the way just to say we'd done it (again, in my case), we doubled back and went on to check out a few other things while we were in town.

Alexplored 4/6/2008.  Some pics by Explorer Phil.
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