Three-Way Tunnel, 2nd expedition, part 2
Continuing where we left off....

Eventually the pair of parallel tunnels merged into this larger one. 

Above me is a small grate that showed that the surface was only a few inches above the ceiling in this area.

There were also a number of small (~2') side tunnels that led up to curbside drains.  Unfortunately, they were about 5' from the floor, but Ben was able to get to one and peer out on his previous visit to this area.

Suddenly, the arched tunnels came to an end and split into a pair of smaller rectangular tunnels at the top of an incline.

Fortunately, both sides were accessible through these little openings spaced along this section so we never felt like we were missing anything.

Things started getting kind of weird along here.  The sides raised up and formed a "V" to channel the water.  This left a small ledge that we crept along until it opened out again as a regular tunnel.

We reached this humorous piece of artwork in the area where the parallel tunnels rejoined...

...and right across from the camel was another large side tunnel. 

Just after this the main tunnel reverted to the familar archway design.

Here is one of the places where the tunnels split again. 

I like the little "island" in the center between the streams.

At this point things really started to get difficult.

We could no longer walk along the ledge.  It was down to a couple inches wide right here, so even scooting along it was difficult. 

Since the water was clean (no sand or debris) and I was hot and my feet were blistering in two places, I went barefoot through the water to scout past the turn just ahead.

The tunnel reverted to a regular archway a couple hundred feet later, but right after we went to the trouble of getting there, it returned to another very wet area.

Needless to say, we did not venture any further at this point, so at least one more expedition is in the plans to (hopefully) finish the main tunnel at the very least, nevermind the side tunnels.

As with the previous visit to the other tunnel of the three, we never managed to find a street-level opening through which I could get a GPS reading.  However, I can say that we walked far enough to be incredibly sore and I think all of us ended up with blistered feet (even wearing tennis shoes), so this is quite the journey.  Next time: bikes!

Alexplored 9/9/04.

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