Three-Way Tunnel, 2nd expedition, part 1
Since we only went down one tunnel last time, a return trip for the other tunnels was inevitable.  Between the last time and this one, Ben and a friend of his scouted out part of this one but did not finish the journey.  This time around Ben, Brei, and I went.  And, no, we did not have a "three-way." 

We started off earlier in the day on this trip, so it was possible to get a better shot of the entrance in the daylight.

As you can see, the water was very shallow and what little there was was channeled to the center of the tunnels.  As a result, we skipped out on bringing our boots, although this turned out to be a mistake in the end.

This is an unnecessary picture, but what the hell....

Actually, I'm spoiled by this shot because many of the rest are so dark in this tunnel.  Typically I can take reasonably clear shots in most other tunnels with just the flash on my camera (Exhibit A: just about every other gallery on this site!).  However, this tunnel is so large that it swallows up the light.  Sorry!

Hey a turtle!  Brei almost tripped over him, which was funny considering she spotted a tiny snake in the last tunnel she and I did together.

This guy was maybe a quarter of a mile or so into the tunnel.  As always, I wondered whether he came from upstream or down.  I hope he finds something to eat in here.

Actually, just before this we spotted a crawfish and some frogs swimming in the water.  Ben saw the frogs last time he was here as well.

A good ways up in the left-most tunnel we came across this wall.  I should have gotten a better shot of it, but there was a single small (~6 inches) culvert at the bottom to allow water through it.  Curiously this wall was absent in the center tunnel of the three (which ran parallel to this one).

As bad a shot as this is, it at least conveys that there is a sizable side tunnel right here, just past the wall.  It's all but impossible to make out, but the tunnel had just enough water on the bottom to prevent us from going any further that way in our shoes (both Ben and I were wearing canvas Converse).  You can take this as an given that we'll be back this way eventually.

In case you were wondering how we knew the center tunnel continued to stay parallel, these openings presented themselves between the two tunnels every fifty to a hundred feet.

And yet another turtle! 

This guy was way upstream by this point.  If anyone has the faintest idea how they get here, let me know.  It's almost like whales beaching themselves or something!

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