Three-Way Tunnel
After exploring the gaping Mouth tunnel, Ben and I picked up a couple of his friends and headed over to check out this collection of three tunnels.  We ended up parking out in the 'hood across the street from three abandoned houses swarming with stray dogs.  No matter what we found exploring, the tunnels seemed safe by comparison!

This is a view of two of the three tunnels.  Yes, the name refers to the tunnels, not some sex act.  I mean, there were four guys here after all!

We explored the tunnel all the way on the right.  It turned out to be so freaking long that we were too tired to check out either of the other two on this night!

There were quite a few manhole covers throughout the length of this tunnel.  We considered exiting through one of these on our way back in the hopes of a short-cut, but they were all either welded shut or sat beneath the middle of the street.

The water was channeled to the middle of this one, and it stayed fairly wide for the length of it, so boots weren't really necessary.  Even the concrete canal at the entrance held water only an inch or so deep.

This spot was the only place where the tunnel deviated from the usual arched design.  At this point it split into two square tunnels, but only for about 150 to 200 feet before returning to the arch.

Believe it or not, this was a telephone pole!  It had somehow traveled down a small side tunnel and was brought to a stop by the wall.

All the debris hanged off of it (especially the stuff to the left, out of the frame) looked like people standing in the middle of the tunnel, so it scared us the first time we saw it.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Ramones!

Seriously, this would have been such a great picture had the auto-focus done its job.

This was as far as we went.  At this point, the tunnel split into two circular sections straight ahead and to the left.  We were well over a mile from the entrance by now, so we headed back.

Ah, wildlife!  Just like the snake Brei spotted in the Slaughter tunnel, we found this little guy in this similarly shaped part of subterrainia.

Can you tell we were seriously exhausted by the time we made it out?

Next time, we're going to have to bring bikes or something.  These tunnels were entirely too long to explore otherwise.  I had sore legs the next day!

Apparently, the tunnel we explored did not run parallel to the other two.  Ben explored a side tunnel in that direction and traveled a couple hundred feet without hitting it.  The mystery deepens....

Alexplored 8/31/04.

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