Steep Canyon Tunnel

As the name indicates, this one was certainly easier to get into than out of.  I found it on a visual search of Google Earth, so I didn't know what to expect until we drove out to see it.

Here's the entrance.  The sides are that high pretty much all along here for much longer than I wanted to walk to find an easier way in or out.  We slid down and figured we'd worry about how to get out of here later.

Deb says she doesn't do windows, especially not ones between the parallel tunnels along here.

This movie is pretty much the beginning middle and end of urbex mythology.

Oh, so that's how they got in!

Oh, now that's just wrong.  

Pareidolia is so much fun!  Look back through these images and tell me how many of them are the Virgin Mary and which are vaginas.

Wow.  Someone must not like their hamburgers.

Aside from the graffiti, this was a fairly boring tunnel.  We finally gave up because it was a loooooong straight shot for as far as we could see, and it was getting late.  We had been exploring most of the day by this point, so we were tired.  I'd like to return with bikes eventually and finish this one.

She was doing a lot better than this a moment before I snapped this shot, I promise.

Yes, we had a lot of fun trying to get out of here.  Fortunately, there were enough branches and vines that were we able to pull ourselves out of here (well, I pushed Deb as well since I was second).

However, we did get an almost-new scooter out of the deal.  Since this is the second one I found exploring, I let Deb have it.  If I'd have brought mine with me, we could have finished the tunnel off in no time!

Alexplored 11/22/06.
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