Return to the Mouth

This gaping maw of a tunnel is one of my favorites around Dallas, even though it's technically kind of boring except for its scale.  Still, it isn't far from many of my friends' places, so I always end up here and inevitably wind up showing it off to newbies.  This was one of the first explorations I did with Deb, and it's the first time I returned to this tunnel with a camera with a decent flash that allowed me to capture it more effectively.

I'll take Deb for the block, Whoopi.

Here's the entrance to the tunnel.

This is a log that was jammed into one of the top rungs of the grate (viewed here from outside the tunnel) and about 15' up in the air.  I have no idea if it was actually deposited here by the water or instead by some improbable event.

This is just inside the tunnel, and it's about as far as graffiti artists seem willing to go in spite of all the wall space available to them if they're willing to get their feet wet (literally).

I tried and tried, but I couldn't push the wall down.

You can see that by this point in the tunnel, the water is channeled more to the center... at least for a while.

Once you go a little further, you're as far as you can go on foot, and the catfish will try to eat you.  Okay, not this one, since he's barely larger the leaves floating on the water.

Alexplored 11/19/06.
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