Side of the Rat Race Tunnel
Okay, so we needed a boat.  So I got one.  Here we go!

Yep, a turtle, the first of the summer.  It's exploring season, folks!

Back where we left off last time, we were determined to find out what lies beyond the deep end of the pool that stopped us last time.

Captain's-eye view.  Phil got his light to sit at the prow perfectly.

Ah, we've arrived!  But wait...

Maybe not.  Just when we thought we were finished with the boat and could walk the rest of the way... no.  We had to double back and bring the boat a little farther to help finish off this part.

Phil was in the front, so he hopped out and pulled me and the boat into the small tunnel at the end...

...while I took pictures of the concrete form all around.

And on the other side of it?  More of the same!  The wall just sits there between the two giant spaces like this on either side.

In the other direction it's just this wall of wooden form presumably with concrete behind it.  Beyond that?  No idea.  Formerly Texas explorer Noah Vale did some research that indicated that I-30 ran across here and cut this waterway, thus making this section almost completely redundant (The "almost" being the smaller inlets on the walls throughout).

That's the back wall still in the distance on the right.  I braved the silty bottom in here to make my way to this hole in the side wall where a fair amount of water was entering.  Unfortunately, it was too small and too deep to do anything but swim it to see where the water was coming from, and I felt like I'd had enough closure on this system by that point.

How deep below ground were we?  This was a shaft up to a manhole we passed along the way to the end.

Alexplored 5/4/08.  Some pics by Explorer Phil.
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