The Rat Race, Part III
Continuing where we left off...

This tar-lined tunnel is corrugated metal, but just outside of it is the original red brick.


There are several places where the tar and metal have washed/rusted away and the original layer outside here is visible.

Then things started getting square for a while.

The downspout I have my hand on is the infamous one that scared the hell out of us the first time I was in here with Ben.  It spontaneously starts pouring water out when you least expect it.  Since it dumps onto the floor (as opposed to trickling down the wall), it makes quite a racket, especially if it has been dormant leading up to this.

A neat shot Phil took of a room beneath downtown.

Phil went out and took a look up through a drain grate at Dallas from beneath.

You would think they could have done a better job here.


This is officially the farthest I've been in here at this point.  Dani and I tired after here and doubled back, and I'd never pushed ahead through this obviously back-breaking section before, but Phil was game, so we did.

Interestingly, it grew a bit taller for a short stretch before going back smaller again... and pretty much staying that way, unfortunately.

Note that we're back to the red brick again after going quite a ways without seeing any.

This pipe (water main?) ran along the bottom of a lot of the tunnel in here.

In fact, we walked along it for much of the way since there was so much rocky debris in here.

Next it did this square thing which was as much of a pain as before...

...except we found some interesting bottles in here.

Ancient version of Dr. Pepper.

Oh, and a piece of a rifle.  Clearly an important artifact missed by the Warren Commission.

I didn't finish the trip.  I'm getting old, so Phil went on ahead and got a look out one of the curbside drains near the very end (which he made it to; I didn't... and I was still sore for the next three days).  Interestingly, this is literally right around the corner from a drain that leads into the opposite (i.e., "left") side/fork of this system.  It's less a "Y" than a couple strands that almost make a circle.

Alexplored 4/20/08.  Many photos by Explorer Phil (or by me using his tripod; usually if it was done without a flash, he gets the credit).
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