The Rat Race... again (and again): Part 2
Continuing where we left off...

Here's another look at the walls along here. 

Note the stalactites around the circular part of the tunnel near Dani.

This pipe was particularly covered with the stuff.  It isn't as obvious here, but the formations to the left of the culvert were fin-like and projected as much as perhaps four or five inches away from the walls.

A rat!  Again!

This tunnel has almost consistently kept its name.  Out of four times I've been in here, the last couple have included a rat sighting.

This guy was up in one of the side tunnels in the ceiling and Dani happened to notice him.  He actually came down and said hello before he scampered back up the pipe to tell the surface world about us crazy mole people.

I have no idea why this is so funny.  Nor do I know why Dani looks like she is going to sneeze.

Here's a downpour.  Most tunnels have a trickle of water coming in from the side, but this was a (relatively) rare spot where it was pouring from above.

Speaking of drains in the ceiling...

Here's the infamous downspout that scared the hell out of Ben and I on our first trip down here.

It seems like it's all or nothing when water comes pouring out of here... and it makes a really loud roar since it's falling straight down to the floor.

This is a little room made by a bend in the tunnel.  It's a refreshing change because the ceiling is pretty low in these parts, although it's about 6' just before this, so things aren't too bad.

And here's the end.  The flash washed it out, but you could see light from the drain grate reflected against the far wall at the back of this ~6' long pipe.

I didn't bother going into it on this trip since I didn't want to scare anyone on a Saturday afternoon, but it's a real thrill to know you're under downtown!

Alexplored 4/9/05 (and the first picture in this gallery is from a trip on 4/5/05).
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