The Paintball Palace: 2nd expedition
Because it was so dark by the time we checked out this place last time, I kind of wanted to go back.  Dani and I were already in the area to check out the mini-Drop-Off tunnel, and she hadn't seen the place, so I figured we would give this a shot as well.

Here's the bottom of the tree in the atrium.  There's also a wooden door lying in the corner of the frame.

...and here's a better picture of the top of the tree. 

You can see a little better here how each of the three floors opens into the atrium.  Presumably it was designed this was so that vandals could throw doors down from above.

Here's a bunch of busted out windows.  We only found a few that weren't damaged in the whole place.

Ironically, I was thinking about how we should maybe keep some of these shards of glass handy in case we encountered a vagrant who had taken up residence in this attactive spot... when that's exactly what we found.  I don't want to leave you hanging here, but the rest of the story can be found in the appropriate entry on my Journal page.
After our mercifully benign encounter with the stranger, we figured we should clear out, but before we left, we checked out this building behind the main one.

Apparently, this was an auto body shop as evidenced by the paperwork remaining from the file cabinet Dani is sitting on.

Here's the opposite end of the building.  Note that the garage door was only opened about 12 inches from the floor, although it doesn't appear to be the case in this image.

Next to the shed I'm standing next to in the photo above was this electrical box with all the wires cut. 

As always, I would love an explanation as to what happened here.  Wasn't there a master switch they could have thrown?  Who was the expendible guy they talked into taking the garden sheers to the electrical cables?!

Additional details about this trip can be found in a more lengthy write-up posted on my Journal page.  Jump right to the account of this expedition here.

Update: I returned here 10/8/05 to go exploring with my friend Jessica, but we found that the entire building had been demolished.  Nothing remained except a few sections of the slab.
Alexplored 2/13/05.

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