The Paintball Palace
Ben found this interesting abandonment sometime earlier, so I wanted to check it out as well and get some pictures.  Unfortunately, we didn't have much light to work with, so a lot of my pictures didn't come out.  More about that later.

This is one of the only shots of the outside of the main building I managed to get.  We were in a rush to get inside and check it out.  We were hardly there at all before it was dark, so I didn't get any other good ones by the time we left.

The building is very large and looks like a house, but the layout was very strange and the place itself was three stories.  We never could figure out what it was exactly.

Apparently, this area next to the main building used to be a greenhouse.  Ben had been here once before when it was still standing, but it has since been razed and the materials were all removed.

This dumpster was sitting along the side of the buildings.  As you can see, the doors were wide open.  Actually, there weren't any doors on almost any of the entrances (I remember three, but I think there was at least one more).  This is in spite of the fact that the windows were all boarded up.  Go figure.

There was broken glass around most of the windows, although I don't know whether this was a result of the process of boarding the place up or vandalism beforehand.

Here is part of the kitchen.  To the right were three huge pantries, all empty (see below).  The house (or whatever it was) was pretty much bare of anything except for a few clothes in one of the closets. 

We were kind of surprised that no vagrants had taken shelter here, although it was probably a bit too far from anyplace where they might easily acquire food.

Here's another shot of the kitchen.  Note the paintball splatters on the boarded window behind me.

One would think there was a major paintball game in here, but the "hits" were all clustered as though a single individual just shot repeatedly at the wall.  Kind of sad, isn't it?

And here are the three pantries mentioned above.  But where are the doors?  I guess they left when Jim Morrison died.

Ben explains to the previous visitors that the joke only works if the first "R" is written backwards.  It helps if there's a mirror nearby as well, Mrs. Torrance.

Again with the paintballs!

There was a lot of other general damage to the place evident in this shot.  Note the busted out wall in the hallway.  Apparently, someone literally got their kicks doing this because almost every room had similar holes. 

Might I suggest a regimen of anger management classes and some Prozac as an alternative therapy?

I couldn't get a good shot here, but this was formerly a master bathroom.  Ben is sitting on what used to be a bathtub (sans the tub).

To the left and behind me are several closets with their mirrored doors smashed to shards.

This was one of the funniest finds.  Apparently there was an atrium in the center of the building.  This relatively thin tree climbed up from three stories below to reach up to the skylight.

Note that this and at least one other skylight were thoroughly smashed (apparently someone climbed on the roof?), so water was able to get in.  While the tree was certainly grateful for this, the broken skylight in the adjacent room resulted in a lot of water damage that severely warped the floor.

Not posted are some inadequately lit shots of yet another building behind this one, a large but virtually empty warehouse type structure.  We're definitely curious about what these buildings used to be used for.  If you know anything about this place and its history, please email me.
Alexplored 12/9/04.

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